We bring together inbound marketing + SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM services, digital marketing training, boot camps and workshops in Calicut.

XYZ is the only trainer that provides digital marketing courses in Calicut without a hefty price tag.

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We win people, not awards. XYZ is not an award-winning digital marketing agency in Calicut; it’s a digital initiative created by Mighil to provide affordable digital marketing solutions in Calicut, Kerala and Chengdu, China.

XYZ is a home-based digital marketing agency in Calicut that helps you achieve your marketing goals. Our digital and social media marketing training and services can energise your business objectives at a more significant phase. We are quality conscious, and we do what we promise. Mediocre isn’t our thing. Get in touch today if you need digital marketing services in Calicut.

SEO for Humans

We focus on the end-user when it comes to designing an SEO strategy. Our search engine optimisation services and SEO training are the best in Calicut. Our digital marketing strategy specialised in delivering cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to businesses across industry verticals.

Inbound Marketing, Redefined

We are firm believers and supporters of open-source solutions. Hence we can create an inbound marketing strategy without the help of HubSpot. We love HubSpot, but not everyone can afford it. We like to experiment with open-source tools and software. Let’s keep things minimal.

Dedicated Support

We consider support as necessary as our technology, training and delivery process. If you need help, you have direct access to schedule a meeting with our directory, Mighil who can investigate any problem and propose multiple solutions and provide guidance if required.

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